memory, darling

Gabi, an aspiring young Czech filmmaker feels compelled to create short films about her life; one of them –

Jack works as a writer in the world of advertising. He is discontent with his present life and the choices he made; he did not follow his idealistic youthful dreams of becoming a ‘serious’ writer.

Spending the weekend in a faceless Los Angeles hotel, with a view of a concrete freeway bridge, writing a cat litter commercial, Jack feels he has reached an all-time low. After finding an advertisement in the local paper that reads: “Scheherazade: I’ll tell you stories”.

The call girl (Gabriella) comes to Jack’s aid, for a price – this Czech beauty came to North America chasing her own dreams, she hides her pain in the fantastical stories she tells for which she charges her clients by the hour.

She begins her story with a young man named Jake, who takes an extended holiday in Prague, a haven for young expatriates, in search of culture and rejuvenation.

On the Charles Bridge, he meets Gabi, filmmaker and dancer. Pure, passionate, mysterious, enchanting, she instantly falls in love with Jake, her “American dream-man”. They have a whirlwind romance, exploring the rich, mysterious “Kafka-esque” city.

The exact opposite of everything that Jake represents, Gabi intuitively begins to help Jake uncover his lost self. By unwrapping the numerous layers of fear, denial and disappointment in which Jake hides, Gabi uncovers his true and innocent nature. Yet, alas, the two must part, and do so, sadly.

A story, within a story, within a story… Jack is Jake, or is he… Gabi is Gabriella, is is she…

…like films and memories, stories cannot stop, they must live forever…