I have a vision, a re-imagining of the festival, that will bring back the spirit of what Sundance was at its creation and golden age… a spirit that has somehow gotten lost, hijacked by Hollywood, by the corrupting force of money, greed and power. 

I don’t know if  I have a chance to be even considered or called in for an interview. I’m probably not entitled enough, and these cultural institutions tend to be so political and elitist. 

But as a two time alumni of the US Dramatic competition and a graduate of M.I.T, and still being an outsider and (I feel) a misfit to the Hollywood system, I feel I embody the hopes and dreams of 99% of filmmakers out there who dream of getting selected, and probably don’t have a chance, because it feels like such a closed system of insiders. 

Wouldn’t of be great if the films were selected by alumni, rather than curators? With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence?

Would it produce a more democratic playing field? 

And wouldn’t it be fun to have it in the summer in homage to the Indigenous Sun Dance Ceremony, and host after-movie concerts to raise funds for the Ute Tribe whose land the festival runs on. 

Would if bring back the original spirit that seems to have gotten lost?

Here is my whimsical pitch, and some of the dream collaborators I would invite to  to the party.  

I would love to hear your feedback.

Please enjoy the party! Here it is:

Yours Truly,

Rafal Zielinski